Co-founder and CTO ARAFEL Technologies partnered up with best-in-class technology and infrastructure partners to bring Neutral, Street-level connectivity and Edge Computing infrastructure solutions to meet your community’s present and future connectivity and safety needs, today !
The company will finance and deploy fibers, mmWave and 4G/5G Small Cells, eliminating the need for any public investment.
Together with our local partners, ARAFEL takes care of all regulatory and other environmental certifications, from working permits and notifying and sharing ideas with the community, to health and environmental protection certificates.
ARAFEL provides both physical and virtual fully-secured connected environments for installing and operating infinite communication options and applications that suit each community’s needs. Its platforms blend in perfectly into different urban and suburban environments.
Main activities and responsibilities: Technical responsibility to follow the development and deployment of: 1. Hybrid Smart Poles as Street Level infrastructure for 4G/5G Small Cells in order to address deployment requirements. 2. Last-Mile solutions with GigaBit Luminaries for creating 60Ghz mmWave private IoT networking and FTTH replacement. 3. Smart City communication Kiosks for Municipal services, information and advertising purposes 4. Connectivity and Edge Computing solutions in multiple environments, to best help the communities we serve.

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